About Us

Serving Working People Since 1971


Over the years, Sexton Welding Supply has kept our customers at the top of our priority list where they belong.


At first a part of Sexton Welding Supply, Sexton Safety Shoe became its own independent entity in April of 1991. As the market became more and more competitive, key personnel in the safety shoe industry in the Huntsville area were attracted to our customer service model and joined with us to help staff launch Sexton Safety Shoe as its own independent retail store.

While operating independently, the affiliation with Sexton Welding Supply is still very advantageous for our customers. We can offer simplicity in billing to those who purchase both welding supplies and safety shoes, and honor voucher systems for both entities.

While the large selection of products we offer is a great asset, the greatest advantage we offer our customers is our people. Unlike most of our competition, our staff is highly experienced. Our sales staff has an average of fourteen years experience company wide!


Sexton Safety Shoes has been providing quality working footwear to the north Alabama area since the 1970s.

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